All of our cabinets, built-ins, vanities, wine racks, and kitchen fixture are custom made to each individual’s needs.  That means each thing we do has a unique design customized for that situation.  That is how we work at Jaimes Custom Cabinets.  These are special cabinets designed for the customer who is looking for a bit more.

Here are our some of our latest custom cabinets.  Give us a call or email us if you have any  questions!

Sick of your cabinets making noise? Jaimes Custom Cabinets can be built so that you never have to hear another cabinet door slam. Ask about this great upgrade to your Austin custom cabinets.

Custom Built In Cabinets

Jaimes Custom Cabinets is one of the best cabinet makers in Austin, Texas. Our quality and level of craftsmanship will give your home or business distinction. People in Central Texas who want the best in custom cabinets choose Jaimes Custom Cabinets.

Here is a variety of the custom cabinets built by Jaimes Custom Cabinets


Cabinet Door Refinishing


Jaimes Custom Cabinets are all custom made to suit your specific needs.  Every project we do is unique, special, and built with quality to stand the test of time.

-We use pocket screws instead of butt joints

-We use line booring so your shelves are fully adjustable

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