Jaimes Custom Cabinets are experts at building custom built in cabinets. Whatever space you are trying to fill, Jaimes Custom Cabinets will do the cabinet job with the highest precision possible. We are master cabinet builders with years of experience doing high end custom wood work. These built in cabinets are not cheap. They are works of art designed to last you a lifetime. We do aim to keep the prices down, but great things cost money. Jaimes Custom Cabinets offers distinguished custom built ins that you will have trouble finding an equivalent at the price and quality level. Give us a call and we will give you a quote on your next project for your home, office, or entertainment center.


Here is a brief explanation of some of the questions you might have about Jaimes Custom Cabinets custom built in cabinets.

What are built ins?

Builtins are any items that do not leave the property but remain a part of the permanent structure of a home. This includes any type of permanent appliances, cabinetry, furniture that’s built into the home, such as shelving or benches, and other attached items.

Do built ins increase home value?

They’re sturdy, they can support a great deal of weight, and they will add to the value of your home. That said, builtins can also become a problem if they’re not placed with care.  That is why it is smart to trust master cabinet builders like Jaimes Custom Cabinets.

How deep should Built in cabinets be?

Standard Kitchen Cabinet Dimensions

Depth is generally 24″ including the faceframe and back. If I’m building a cabinet with butt joints, a face frame and a back attached directly onto the back of the cabinet (not set into dados), I cut my sides and shelves at 23″ deep.  We make everything custom to suit your specific needs, so whatever for whatever you want done, Jaimes Custom Cabinets will build it at the highest level.